Bozo the Clown Dies

Bozo the clown

Bozo the clown

Larry Harmon, the man who not only played Bozo the Clown for many years, but turned the character into an institution has died. He passed away at his home due to congestive heart failure at the age of 83. Bozo the Clown was a character created by writer & producer Alan W. Livingston. The clown created for a series of children’s records in 1946 would delight them for decades. Harmon was not the first nor would he the last to play the lovable clown. Unlike the others, he would take the job and run with it–eventually purchasing the rights to the character. He turned a casting call for personal appearances into big business.

Now we all know Clowns are creepy as all get out but I’ve always been intrigued by Harmon.

He was born in Toledo, Ohio and managed the character brilliantly. He’d basically lease out the character and name to local markets and then train those picked to play the role (something like 200 or so). I can only imagine what it’d be like to create or be a part of history like that. A character that would live on for half a century! I mean from the start in 1946 to the last pie to the face in Chicago, in 2001 it was a staple, a mainstay, a (enter cliched phrase here).

They’re still creepy! Need proof? Hell In Washington, D.C. Bozo was portrayed for a time by Willard Scott!!!

It don’t get creepier than that!

Anyways, here’s to Bozo the Clown

Bozo the clown site.

AP Article on his death.


One Response to Bozo the Clown Dies

  1. Bozo is such an iconic character and will truly be remembered for years. Check out to see Larry Harmon’s newly published book documenting his time as Bozo the Clown.

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